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Bioshock Easter Egg #1

I’m marking this as number 1, although I may not find anymore so this maybe be the one and only.  I think this was in the Winery, in the Farmer’s Market level.


Sadly, it took me like a whole 30 seconds to figure out what it was.  I saw the bullet holes in a line and thought "I didn’t do that, and no Leadhead Splicer did that… Must have been put there by the developers… hmm…" and then 20 seconds later I saw the cheese.

Now, someone should take this image and make a LOLCAT graphic.


Halo 3: Finish the Fight

Got THE Xbox 360 game Tuesday night after work. Sometimes it is good to live in rural Wisconsin – I went over to the Mauston K-mart (Big K?) and they had atleast 20 or 30 regular editions just lying there, along with 10 or 20 limited editions. There were some kids walking around electronics, but they were looking at music – MUSIC! The haunting chorus, soft violin, and wild jungle beat of the Halo theme song was the only music I was searching for.

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My brothers

As you can see, Brody is already pulling ahead of me.

Now, I just need to force myself to finish Bioshock before I am consumed by the Flood.


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